17 Count Varied Size Aquamarine Waterfall

Soft Flex

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Size: Large 19mm-L x 10mm-W x 6mm-D
Size Small: 8mm-L x 6mm-W x 7mm-D
Qty: 17 Beads / Length: 4 in.
Weight: 18.9 g.


Aquamarine is named for it's seawater color. The color spectrum of the stone can range from digital green to a muted grass. This popular stone needs to be handled with care; it can be brittle or sensitive to pressure. However, the beauty of this stone makes the time spent maintaining it seem unimportant.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 7.5-8

Aquamarine (blue) represents the throat chakra, which is positioned at the base of the throat. It controls the throat, neck, arms and hands. Aquamarine helps one through difficult and emotional situations by helping maintain focus. It brings a sense of harmony so that one may think clearly and effectively communicate their feelings. Aquamarine is a cooling stone. It aids in stress reduction. It calms and promotes courage and understanding. Aquamarine is a birthstone for March and resonates with most astrological signs.

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Written by Lynn White on Sep 1st 2021

Beautiful rough cut stones. Made the most gorgeous earrings attached to sterling silver chains. Added tiny Swarovski crystals. Have already purchased 2 more sets.