2021 Fall/Winter Pantone Bead and Wire Bundle

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Get a FREE bead mix included when you buy our bundle! You pay for three and get the fourth included in the bundle for FREE! This bundle is loaded with our new Pantone bead mixes and our new quad of beading wire.

Explore the 2021 Pantone Colors of Fall and Winter. Soybean is a mild and companionable blonde beige. Adobe is a warm and supportive sundried clay. Rhodonite is a balancing blue-based purple that aids in achieving one’s highest potential. Fire Whirl is a vigorous red with a dynamic presence.

The 2020 Pantone Fall/Winter Color Quad of Beading Wire is our color matching collection. This Quad selection of colors was built to complement the colorways of Pantone's Autumn and Winter seasonal selections: Soybean, Adobe, Rhodonite, and Fire Whirl. We color matched with these wires (using a little artistic liberty): Bone (Soybean) color Soft Flex Beading Wire .019 (Medium), Imperial Topaz (Adobe) color Soft Flex Beading Wire .019 (Medium), Dark Blue Lapis (Rhodonite) color Soft Flex Beading Wire .019 (Medium), and Red Coral (Fire Whirl) color Soft Flex Beading Wire .019 (Medium). We think you will love this color collection as much as we do.

Design warming jewelry for the colder months. Our beautiful bead mixes makes it easy to string your next design with a color theme in mind. Work with colors that are on trend and sure to be seen in the highest tiers of the fashion world. Pantone is the authority on color! This colorful collection is going to be turning heads for decades. These classic colors are going to look great on every handmade jewelry design.