2022 Pantone Spring/Summer Perfectly Pale Bead Strand

Soft Flex
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The 2022 Pantone Spring/Summer Perfectly Pale Bead Strand is the perfect complement to our 2022 Spring/Summer Pantone Quad of Beading Wire.

Design with quiet calm of Perfectly Pale. This neutral tone is perfect for earthy designs or stylish beachwear. Sandy and soothing, this is a warm and comfortable color. Make jewelry that is subtle and simple but amazing.

Pantone is the authority on color - and boy do we love color! This bead mix is the perfect fit to use with our latest Quad Beading Wire Collection. We color matched some of Pantone's hottest tones for Spring and Summer. If you follow trends, you are going to be right on point this season. Show your colors!

Supplies are very limited. Don’t miss out!