5 Count 25x15 Thai Silver Hollow Leaf Shape Beads (Sale)

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Size: 25mm-L x 15mm-W x 8mm-D
Qty: 5 Beads
Weight: 17 g.


Our Bali beads are handcrafted by highly skilled silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia. These metal beads feature intricate wire work, as well as casting techniques using traditional methods that have become a tradition. 92.5% sterling silver is used in making these unique beads. Each handcrafted piece is unique, no two pieces are exactly alike, as such, there may be slight variations in bead size, form, design, hole size and oxidation. When ordering these beautifully handmade metal beads, please order enough beads for your project as so we can match them. .

Note: The oxidation is part of the finish on these beads.

Silver (pure) can be beneficial to the balancing of the Throat Chakra, improving speech while bringing eloquence. Silver is said to mirror the soul and enhance intuitive and psychic energies, while strengthening the connection between astral and physical bodies. Silver is connected to the moon and it's energies. Silver resonates with all Astrological/Zodiac Signs.

Note: Not for children under the age of 12.