6 Count Varied Sizes Blue Zircon Faceted Pears (Sale)

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Height 0.31 (in)
Width 0.20 (in)
Depth 0.12 (in)

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Size: Large 8mm-L x 5mm-W x 3mm-D

Size: Small 6mm-L x 4mm-W x 2mm-D

Qty: 6 Beads / Length: 1.25 in.

Weight: 1.5 g.


Zircon takes it's name from the Arabic word for gold, Zargun. Zircon has a natural color spectrum that ranges from yellows to greens, blues and browns. It is not limited to a gold color. The colorless variation of Zircon is a popular diamond substitute. Zircon has no relation to the man made Cubic Zirconia, but can be confused as such due to the similar name.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 6.5

Zircon (blue) represents the throat chakra which is positioned at the base of the throat. Zircon helps calm the emotions providing protection against insomnia and depression. Zircon is the Birthstone for December/Sagittarius, and resonates with the Astrological sign Aquarius.