67 Count 6mm Round Lapis Lazuli And Malachite Composite


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Size: 6mm-L x 6mm-W x 6mm-D

Qty: 67 Beads / Length: 15.5 in.

Weight: 17 g.


Lapis is an intense blue stone, peppered with flecks of golden pyrite. It has been treasured throughout history and has been unearthed in ancient Egyptian tombs. Decorate your next design with the prize of poets and kings.

Malachite is a vivid green banded mineral. It takes its name from how closely it resembles the leaves of the mallow plant. It has been used as a pigment and as a decorative stone since antiquity. Wear a little history today!

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 5-5.5 (Lapis) 3.5-4 (Malachite)

Lapis Lazuli (blue) represents the throat chakra, which is positioned at the base of the throat. It controls the throat, neck, arms and hands. Lapis helps promote understanding and intuition while strengthening wisdom, and inspiration. Lapis resonates with the astrological sign Sagittarius.

Malachite (green) represents the heart chakra, which is positioned at the center of the chest. It governs the sense of touch. Malachite is a stone of self healing. It aids in discovering and unblocking the root of a problem and allows healing energies to flow. Malachite resonates with the astrological signs Capricorn and Scorpio.

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Kept looking at these, glad I bought them
Written by Karen Scrivano on Apr 14th 2020

i kept looking at these for about a month, now so happy I bought them. I just used a few of them to end a mala, but plan on using them with some malachite I have for a friend who loves both lapis and malachite and also as spacers between some lapis pendants I have. Very uniform, very pretty, prettier in person.