74 Count 3x4mm Afghan Pale Green Jade Tubes (Sale)

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Size: 3mm-L x 2mm-W x 2mm-D
Qty: 74 Beads / Length: 14.5 in.
Weight: 3.5 g.


Jade is a truly iconic gemstone. One of a small handful of gemstones that can be identified by people that know almost nothing about gemstones. It has been used as a decorative stone for jewelry, statues, kitchenware and tile. It has been edged and polished and made into weapons and tools. Jade has been used as a sared burial stone and even made into exotic suits for departed royalty.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 6.5-7

New Jade (green) represents the heart chakra which is positioned at the center of the chest, which governs the sense of touch. Jade repels negativity, bringing both harmony and serenity. It is useful in building self-confidence. Jade is considered sacred to many cultures. New Jade is a Birthstone for March/Aries, and resonates with the Astrological signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Libra.