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Size of Mini Coil: 7mm-W x 6mm-H x 6mm-D
Size of Regular Coil: 12mm-W x 10mm-H x 10mm-D

Both the Mini and Regular Bead Stoppers come 4 to a pack. 

Bead Stoppers are one of our favorite stringing tools. Bead Stoppers are easy to use. They clip on the end of an unfinished jewelry design so you do not lose your strung beads before the piece is crimped and finished. Bead Stoppers can hold multiple wires and cords. Being the innovators that we are, we helped to create Bead Stoppers with Soft Flex® Exclusive Grip Tips to make this product even easier to handle. The grip tips also make it is easy to spot a Bead Stopper if you drop it and the colors allow you to personalize your collection.


Prop 65 Warning:  This product can expose you to chemicals including phthalates, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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Not intended for the use of children under the age of 12.

Product Reviews

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Super helpful & easy to use
Written by Megan C. on Nov 23rd 2019

These bead stoppers are great! They work perfectly and are really easy to use.

Love these
Written by Cathy C on Jun 4th 2019

I really love the plastic tips on these bead stoppers they really make it easier to see them and open them, well done

A Must Have
Written by sr on Jan 3rd 2019

Don't no how I survived jewelry making for years before I got these. They make scotch tape look pitiful.