Jewelry Designs With Knitted Wire

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Size: 10.75in-L x 8.25in-W
Pages: 111
Free beading wire and knitted wire with purchase of this book.
Signed by author (limited quantity)


Jewelry Designs with Knitted Wire - We are proud to share that Nealay Patel used Soft Flex beading wire in several of his designs in this book.

Jewelry makers can now get the look of intricate, beaded wirework - simply by stitching. Author Nealay Patel offers innovative, new designs, each stitched on a shining frame of knitted wire. This beautiful cord is the perfect backdrop for easy beadwoven designs, and with 30+ creative necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings, readers can choose from a wide range of colors, sizes, and looks.

In this innovative collection of 30 projects, beaders will discover how to get the sophisticated look of wirewoven beaded jewelry. By stitching to a framework of knitted wire, beaders will explore a range of textures, colors, and styles. Easy-to-follow instructions and clear photos and illustrations guide jewelry makers through the basic techniques and ensure success.