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Black And Purple Goethite in Amethyst

$607.60 On Sale
Size: 70mm-L x 38mm-W x 7mm-DQty: 1 Bead / Length: 1.5 in.Weight: 31.2 g.   Goethite is a mineral named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German poet and writer, most commonly known for his classic novel Faust. Goethite is an iron oxide mineral...
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Blue Aquamarine Double Drilled Facetet

$268.80 On Sale
Size: 33mm-L x 41mm-W x 9mm-DQty: 1 Bead / Length: 1.6 in.Weight: 21.2 g.   Aquamarine is named for it's seawater color. The color spectrum of the stone can range from digital green to a muted grass. This popular stone needs to be handled with care;...
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