Crimp Tubes - Copper 3x3mm 50 Count (Closeout)

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Size: Outside diameter 3mm-W x 3mm-L
Size: Inside diameter 2.2mm

Soft Flex® Crimp Tubes are crafted with the professional in mind. We have constructed a crimp tube that is almost twice as thick as others on the market. The sturdier build of the crimp is enhanced by the fact that they are also seamless. Finish your next piece securely with our designer crimps.

Available in Sterling Silver or Copper (Closeout).

3x3mm Soft Flex® Crimp Tubes are recommended for all Soft Flex® or Soft Touch wire diameters and should be crimped with Mighty Crimping Pliers.

The 3x3mm Soft Flex® Crimp Tube was created to give the designer a simple and secure crimp to give every multi-strand piece a professional finish.

Price is based on the current metal market price when goods were purchased.

Note: Not for children under the age of 12.