Foxy Lady Bead Strands

Soft Flex
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Foxy Lady Bead Strands are inspired by our Foxy Lady Design Kit but they are not included in the kit.

The patter of tiny feet breaks the silence. A sleek band of fur darts between the pine trees. In a small clearing, the animal reveals itself. The bright eyed fox has a smoky red coat with black tipped ears and socks. She crouches and raises her head. Painted leaves disembark from tree branches above. They spiral in slow dances and land on her velvet fur. A white spotted male catches her gaze. She acknowledges with a sly wink. She is cunning and not willing to afford this one her time. She walks away in a slow and rhythmic slink. The day is early and the den is cold. Time for an adventure! Visit an autumn forest with these colorful bead strands. Make jewelry that is perfect for fall.

Foxy Lady Bead Strands are a great complement to, but not included in our Foxy Lady Design Kit. You can find these bead strands on our website, exclusively.