5 Count Graduated Blue Larimar Smooth Nuggets (Sale)

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Size Large: 23mm-L x 19mm-W x 12mm-D
Size Small: 17mm-L x 11mm-W x 8mm-D
Qty: 5 Beads / Length: 4 in.
Weight: 23 g.


Larimar is a rare stone found only in the Dominican Republic. It has the watery sheen of the sea. Discovered in the early part of last century, the stone did not really find its welcome until rediscovery in the seventies.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 4.5-5

Larimar (blue with white) represents the throat chakra. Larimar also stimulates the heart, third eye and crown chakras. Larimar is a calming stone. It helps balance excess energies, relieves anxiety and stress. It promotes inner peace, clarity, and communication. Larimar is not a birthstone, yet it resonates with the astrological signs Leo and Virgo and is beneficial to all.