9 Count Emerald Simple Cut Nuggets '1 Of A Kind' (Sale)

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Height 0.71 (in)
Width 0.43 (in)
Depth 0.39 (in)

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Size: Small 18mm-L x 11mm-W x 10mm-D
Size: Large 24mm-L x 13mm-W x 12mm-D
Qty: 9 Nuggets / Length: 7.50 in.
Weight: 34.5 g.


Emeralds are the most precious stone in the beryl group. Strikingly green and beautiful, they take their name from 'smaragdus', a Greek word that means green. Emerald green is vibrant and fresh and most likely accounts for it's popularity from antiquity to current times. Emeralds have long been a presence in popular culture - from movies to books, even videogames - it is a stone most people could identify without any previous knowledge of gemstones. Emeralds are found around the world, but are most commonly produced out of Colombia and Zambia.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 7.5-8

Emerald (green) represents the heart chakra, which is positioned at the center of the chest. Emerald is a stone of love and romance. It enhances memory, clairvoyance and faith. Emerald is the birthstone for May/ Gemini.