Gingerbread Bead Strand

Soft Flex
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Our Gingerbread Bead Strand is inspired by our Gingerbread Beading Design Challenge Kit but it is not included in the kit. You can find this bead strand on our website, exclusively.

There an ideal gingerbread house. A perfectly constructed tasty building. The roof of the edible dwelling is shingled with cookies and dusted with powdered sugar and snowy icing. The walls are ornate with mouth watering designs and textured with gum drops. The walkway out front is made of symmetrically placed wafers. The yard is ornamental candy canes and Christmas tree cookies. You imagine the warmth and love inside this house. The gingerbread family inside is probably ready for the holidays and wrapping gifts. It makes your heart swell with pride, nostalgia, and joy.

There an ideal gingerbread house. But the gingerbread house you made... well... The shingles are sliding forward. The walls look like a child smeared Elmer's Glue all over them. The gum drops and candy canes fell from their perches and sit in the royal icing. The Christmas tree cookies are a little burnt. It is a little bit of a disaster. But it is your disaster. It is your mess. And even though your gingerbread house looks like it weathered a hurricane, you can still feel the love inside. You can still feel the joy and pride. Let's forgive ourselves and our mistakes this season! Let's celebrate what we make, perfect or not so perfect!