Happy Owl-Leen Bead Strand

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Happy Owl-Leen is a bead strand inspired by our Happy Owl-Leen Design Kit.

Beak-a-boo! A parliament of owls is holding court. We don't want to ruffle any feathers, but the spooky season is nearly upon us. A wise session has gathered to hoot their approvals. An owllegiance of the most sage and knowing has congregated to herald the beginning of Owl-Leen celebration. The festivities will begin in the dead of night. Owlchemy, magic, and high spirits are the order of the eve. Who will answer the call? Owl are welcome here. Let's take flight and let inspiration guide our talons!

The Happy Owl-Leen Bead Strand is a great complement to, but not included in our Happy Owl-Leen Design Kit. You can find this bead strand on our website, exclusively.