Rainy Day Blues Bead Strand

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Our Rainy Day Blues Bead Strand is inspired by our Rainy Day Blues Beading Design Challenge Kit but it is not included in the kit. You can find this bead strand on our website, exclusively.

Ain't no joy in this wet city. Gotta shake them rainy day blues away. The falling rain is a constant drone on the roof above. The showering spats create a quiet white noise that drowns out the television. The children are huddeled on the couch and staring at the wet streets outside. Lights are reflected in glossy puddles that dance with raindrops. Water comes down in shuffling sheets. Clouds have cloaked the sky in grey. The chocolate lab cocks his head as if questioning the weary weather. Plans for a park visit are on hold. The world is at the mercy of the storm. Ain't no sunshine today. Gotta shake them rainy day blues away. 

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Rainy Day Blues Bead Strand
Written by JoAnne on Mar 28th 2024

Another beautiful bead mix. Most likely, a bracelet ?