Rosè All Day Bead Strand

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Rosè All Day is a bead strand inspired by our Rosè All Day Design Kit.

Darling, your work is done. It is time to kick up your feet and enjoy a sumptuous day of decadent ease. A flute of blushing rosé and a warm wind tussling your hair. Leave your worries elsewhere, this is quality time to spoil yourself. Fingers hooked on the stem of your favorite glass. Swirl the liquid and coat the inside. Inhale the delicate aroma and let that bliss tickle your senses. First taste and the sweet flavor delights the tip of the tongue. A spark of acidity wiggles down the sides of the mouth. Absolutely gorgeous. This is your day. Depressurize and enjoy the world on your own terms.

The Rosè All Day Bead Strand is a great complement to, but not included in our Rosè All Day Design Kit. You can find this bead strand on our website, exclusively.