SilverSilk Kit

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Height 5.00
Width 4.00
Depth 1.00

Limited quantity available!

Our kits often sell out within 24-72 hours. So if you like this kit, please buy it quickly or you may miss your opportunity!

Our friend Nealay Patel, owner of SilverSilk and More, sent us some goodies to create a SilverSilk Kit.

Nealay is an immensely talented jewelry designer and one of our good friends. His jewelry designs are decadent and ornate. He designs with knitted and woven wire and makes fantastic jewelry. His pieces are loaded with detail and infused with color. His jewelry is masterful but his love of teaching makes all of his designs accessible to anybody that wants to bead. You can find two of his books on our site: Jewelry Designs With Knitted Wire and Jewelry For The New Romantic. His books are the perfect accompaniment to this wonderful kit.

Don't miss Nealay on Facebook, Jewelry TV, and YouTube.