Spider Queen Black Bead Strand

Soft Flex
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Spider Queen Black Bead Strands are inspired by our Spider Queen Design Kit but they are not included in the kit.

"All rise! The queen is arriving!"

Thunder shakes the throne room and a shadow descends from the high dome above. The titan widow plunges down in a magnificent column of spider silk and crypt dust. She lands with the tiny taps of arachnid paws on tile. The sound echoes in the breathless chamber. Lightning flashes and the queen changes form. She is human, cloaked in black dress and gossamer web. Spiderlings dance on her shoulders. This frightful monarch is here to spread Halloween cheer. Do you dare accept her dark offerings?

Spider Queen Black Bead Strands are a haunting complement to, but not included in our Spider Queen Design Kit. You can find these bead strands on our website, exclusively.