Trios Retro Christmas Beading Wire Pack - Red Coral, Peridot, Green Turquoise

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 Retro Christmas is a special beading wire collection inspired by our Retro Christmas Design Kit.

The holidays are here! The sweet scent of pine in the living room is stirring the senses and filling our brains full of nostalgia. We remember the times we bundled up against the bone numbing cold. We loaded into the station wagon and headed downtown to see the holiday displays in store windows. Ol' Blue Eyes and our favorite crooners serenaded us with big brassy jingles on the radio. The glitter of festive lights illuminated the falling snow and the wet streets were a glossy canvas of Christmas color. We waited to impart our secrets to Santa in hopes that he would bring us our favorite toys. Our faces were joyful and radiant. Our homes were warm and full of cheer. Let's celebrate the good times with a great kit full of retro vibes!

Trios Color Wire Sets let you apply color theory to your next design.

Trios Color Wire is a lead-free beading wire for designers that want to create jewelry with color mixing in mind. Trios Color Wire Sets encapsulate the vivid palette of nature and the glamour of the fashion world. Trios Color Wire Sets are comprised of three 10 foot spools of Soft Flex .019 (Medium), the wire is constructed of 49 micro woven stainless steel wires. We recommend Trios Color Wire Sets for designers that want to design with a motif or gemstone in mind.

Soft Flex Wire is a lead-free beading wire for designers that demand strength and durability. Soft Flex Wire is a superior beading wire, created by beaders for beaders. Soft Flex Wire is constructed of either 21 or 49 micro woven stainless steel wires. It is supple enough that it can be knotted and comes in a wide variety of colors. It is available in 3 diameters: .014, .019, and .024. We recommend Soft Flex Wire for designers that want their pieces to last and eliminate the frustration of restringing. Soft Flex Wire is also available in 30, 100 and 1000 foot spools.

Basic Usage: Ideal all purpose wire. Great with glass, mineral, and metal beads. We suggest finishing with 2x2mm crimps.

Length: 10 ft. / 3.048m (each color)

Diameter: .019 (Medium)

Made in the U.S.A.

Note: Standard Trios packaging is not included for all Trios packs.


Recycle us! Our empty spools can be repurposed as bead trays. Before stringing your next design, place your beads into an upside down spool. They are perfect for containing your beads for each project. Or, tear off the label and toss your unwanted spools in a recycle bin. All stainless steel used in the construction of Soft Flex products is 100% recyclable. Our nylon coating is derived from renewable resources and can be recycled. Think green!