Under the Sea Bead Strand (Closeout)

Soft Flex
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Under the Sea Bead Strands are inspired by our Under the Sea Design Kit but they are not included in the kit. You can find these bead strands on our website, exclusively.

The human world, it's a mess!
~ Sebastian, The Little Mermaid

Want to know a secret? We are headed for a kingdom of enchantment. We are packing our bags and leaving for the ocean! Let's forget our toils and strife. We are looking for a better life. Down where the fish are playing, that is where we'll be stayin'. Away from the sun, where life is fun - under the sea! Leave all your troubles. Let's float in the bubbles. The views are all sweet. Ain't life a treat? Under the sea!

Supplies are very limited. Don’t miss out!