White Czech Glass Carrier Beads, 15 Count (Closeout)

Soft Flex
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Carrier beads come in a gorgeous rainbow of colors. These 2-hole beads have long been used by peyote stitching beaders. Carrier beads are designed to 'carry' or hold a loop of peyote stitching. This simple bead allows a peyote stitcher to create an elaborate design with ease and skip some of the headaches caused when using long lengths of thread or beading wire. This bead can also be used in a simple bead stringing design. Add a little color to your next jewelry design!

Do you love vibrant colors and upbeat jewelry? Czech Glass Beads are a delight. Czech Glass Bead Strands are beautiful and come in the most wonderful shapes and sizes. Add a unique bead to your next DIY necklace as a pendant. A strand of Czech Glass can be turned into a beautiful bracelet without any extra additions. You can make a cute pair of earrings with Soft Flex Beading Wire and a single bead or three. You can mix and match with other Czech Glass colors and make jewelry that celebrates a holiday or moment in time. Czech Glass is playful, inexpensive, and slightly exotic - give your jewelry an accent of your personality!

Some of the most amazing glass beads come from the Czech Republic. An entire strand of our Czech Glass Beads will produce at least a bracelet. Don't be scared to mix and match a few different styles to make a design that is a one-of-a-kind piece.

Please note: limited quantity