Wonderland Beading Design Challenge Kit, Inspiration for Jewelry Makers of All Levels

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"Curiouser and curiouser!”
~ Lewis Carroll

Do you believe impossible things? I daresay, you must follow and see what the day brings. Down the rabbit hole we will go! We have so many sights to share. A slick grinning cat and befuddled hare. We have riddles and impassible doors, secret gardens and treasure filled drawers. Drink our floral tinctures and grow ten feet small. Stand on a mushroom where caterpillars crawl. The Queen of Hearts is in a foul mood, her army of cards is a most wicked brood. Don't fear the worst, this needn't be tragic, for we will be safe in this mad world of magic!

Sara will be doing a live broadcast on the Soft Flex Facebook page and YouTube Page, with the Wonderland Beading Design Challenge Kit on Wednesday, February 22nd at 3pm (PT).

If you'd like to join us in the design challenge next month, buy this kit and challenge yourself to try something new and unexpected. If you are new to beading, this kit comes with findingsbeadswire, and surprises.

Our kits are great for skill building. We want our kits to feel challenging. We want them to be accessible for beginners and advanced designers alike, but we love to throw in elements that may seem difficult to test our beaders skills and make them think out of the box. We think jewelry is great when it is easy. But when you really have to engage your mind and process your materials and tools, we think that your jewelry has the potential to be life changing.

Our kits may be inspired by a colorway or theme, but they are meant to be creative interpretations. Imagination and innovation do not follow the rules. Expect the unexpected.

Supplies are very limited. Don’t miss out!

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review of Wonderland Challenge Kit
Written by Jenny Harris on Mar 6th 2023

The beads are beautiful as always. My big disappointment was there were no "Wonderland" products in the kit. I bought it because I was invited to a Wonderland Tea Party and was hoping to make some theme jewelry. The kit did not contain even one charm or bead had anything to do with the Alice in Wonderland theme. No watch, tea cup, playing card or hat charms. All those things were on the ad but not in the kit. I am keeping the kit, the beads are lovely. Maybe you could have called it something else, so my expectations were more in line with what you offered. I will use the beads for something else but there was nothing in the kit I could use for my Wonderland jewelry. Company Note: Jenny, we are sorry to hear you were disappointed by the lack of overall theming on this kit. We use the theme as a jumping off point and may base actual items, overall feel or color palettes to go along with it. It may not be a direct representation. In this case, the purple for the Cheshire cat, green for the mad hatter, blue for Alice's dress and a magic mushroom and flowers for the talking garden. We appreciate your feedback and will take it into account for kit planning.

Wonderland Kit
Written by Linda Conrad on Mar 1st 2023

I got two of them. Really great kit.

Beautiful kit
Written by Anne Waszmer on Feb 23rd 2023

The Wonderland Beading Design Challenge Kit was my first purchase from Soft Flex and I was not disappointed. It provided a beautiful array of beads and findings and I love the color of the Soft Flex that was included. I especially loved the Tierra Cast charms and the checkered beads. So fun and whimsical.

Love this kit
Written by Elayne on Feb 18th 2023

This kit is gorgeous. The colors go together so well. Bead mix is amazing and very trendy.