28 Count 14mm Peach Shell Pearl Rounds

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Size: 14mm-L x 14mm-W x 14mm-D
Qty: 28 Beads / Length: 16 in.


Natural pearls are formed when an irritant gets inside a mollusk's shell and the animal responds with a nacre coating to shield itself. Shell pearls are similar to natural pearls. Shell pearls are man made but are created using the same material - the mother of pearl that is found in the lining of oyster shells. Since shell pearls are produced, there is a wider option in color selection. Shell pearls have a more affordable price point than their rarer counterpart. Shell pearls are also more durable than natural pearls. If you love the look of pearls but want a much more sustainable and economical option, shell pearls are a great fit. Our high quality shell pearls are great for the designer that loves the grace of Jackie Kennedy or the fun of Carrie Bradshaw.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 2.5-4.5

Pearls (multi colors) represents the Solar Plexus Chakra which is positioned above the abdomen but under the rib cage. Pearls can help reduce emotional stress while aiding in boosting the immunity and digestion systems. The Pearl is a symbol of Feminine Wisdom, Purity, and Spiritual Transformation. Pearls resonate with the Astrological signs Cancer and Gemini.