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Quick View ImpressArt Large Steel Bench Block (Closeout)

ImpressArt Large Steel Bench Block (Closeout)

$24.84 On Sale
This Large Steel Block provides a solid surface used for stamping, shaping, flattening, etc. Perfect for metal stamping. Constructed of solid carbon steel Size: 4" x 4" x 3/8" Includes Rubber Feet Note: Due to the weight of this item, parts of the...
Quick View Traditional Beading Awl (Closeout)

Traditional Beading Awl (Closeout)

$2.21 On Sale
Size: total length - 6in Size: length from joint to tip 38mm   The Beading Awl is used to move a knot closer to a bead. Make a knot, slide the tip of the Beading Awl into the knot, pull close to the bead and secure the knot while slowly pulling...
Quick View Deluxe Wire Draw Plate With Handle  (Closeout)

Deluxe Wire Draw Plate With Handle (Closeout)

$9.07 On Sale
Size: 5.75in-L x 2.25in-W x 3/8in-DHole size starts at 8mm graduates down to 1mm   Draw plates are handy if you enjoy knitting with a knitting spool or Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Wire Weaving Tool. When knitting, the wire will have a free flowing...
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