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Quick View Traditional Beading Awl (Closeout)

Traditional Beading Awl (Closeout)

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Size: total length - 6in Size: length from joint to tip 38mm   The Beading Awl is used to move a knot closer to a bead. Make a knot, slide the tip of the Beading Awl into the knot, pull close to the bead and secure the knot while slowly pulling...
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Quick View Deluxe Wire Draw Plate With Handle  (Closeout)

Deluxe Wire Draw Plate With Handle (Closeout)

$9.07 On Sale
Size: 5.75in-L x 2.25in-W x 3/8in-DHole size starts at 8mm graduates down to 1mm   Draw plates are handy if you enjoy knitting with a knitting spool or Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Wire Weaving Tool. When knitting, the wire will have a free flowing...
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