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12 Count 25mm Grey Lava Rock Rondelles (Sale)

$28.80 On Sale
Size: 14mm-L x 25mm-W x 14mm-D Qty: 12 Beads / Length: 6.5 in. Weight: 101.5 g.   Lava Rocks are separated into 3 groups: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. They are often associated with the molten core of the Earth, created when they gradually...
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22 Count 8mm Wild Horse Jasper Rondelles (Sale)

$27.20 On Sale
Size: 7mm-L x 8mm-W Qty: 22 Beads / Length: 4.25 in. Weight: 11 g.   The name Jasper means "spotted stone". Jasper is multi-colored and fun to work with because each bead is like a snowflake, unique. It is said to calm a troubled mind and help with...
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