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Elk Antler Natural Drilled Rosette

$40.80 On Sale
Size: 2 1/4 in-L x 2 1/4 in-W x 1/2 in-D Size: Hole 3mm Qty: 1 Rosette Weight: 44 g. Elk Antler is one of the fastest growing living tissues. It can grow at a rate of two and a half centimeters per day. Like deer and moose, elk antler only grows on males...
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55 Count Smoky Quartz Faceted Discs (Sale)

$32.00 On Sale
Size: 7mm-L x 7mm-W x 3mm-DQty: 55 Beads / Length: 14 in.   Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals and comes in many variations. Pliny the Elder theorized that Quartz was created when frozen water became fossilized. This belief was not...
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32 Count Graduated Aquamarine Flat Discs (Sale)

$360.00 On Sale
Size Large: 17mm-L x 19mm-W x 4mm-DSize Small: 9mm-L x 10mm-W x 3mm-DQty: 32 Beads / Length: 20.5 in.Weight: 64 g.   Aquamarine is named for it's seawater color. The color spectrum of the stone can range from digital green to a muted grass. This...
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