60 Count Brown Recycled Glass & Serpentine Set

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Disc: Large 17mm-L x 17mm-W x 2mm-D
Disc: Small 8mm-L x 8mm-W x 2mm-D
Tube: 2mm-L x 2mm-W
Qty: 29 Discs - 31 Tubes / Length: 16 in.


Recycled Glass - Born as a bottle, cup, vase or tile, our recycled glass was too beautiful to be dust-binned and forgotten. Broken and buried and claimed by the ground, the glass sat in soil and collected minerals and patinated. Once unearthed, it became something otherwordly, the skin of the glass is a spectrum of vivid colors. The soil retextured and painted everything anew.

There is nothing quite like our recycled glass in your jewelry collection. Each piece of glass is unique. Each strand is unique. Sizes, colors and lengths may vary. Each strand is a finished design, simply restring and add a clasp or incorporate the glass into other designs.

Moh's Hardness Scale: 5 -7 / 3-5