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19 Ct Graduated Antique Brass Pearl Baroque Squares (Sale)

$280.00 On Sale
Size Large: 26mm-L x 23mm-W x 8mm-DSize Small: 18mm-L x 20mm-W x 6mm-DQty: 19 Beads / Length: 15 in.Weight: 85 g.   Pearls are organic gemstones. They are formed when a foreign body becomes trapped inside of the shell of a mollusk. Pearls are a rare...
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22 Ct Goldstone Faceted Drops (Sale)

$12.60 On Sale
Size: 12mm-H x 17mm-WQTY: 22 Beads / Length: 16 In   Goldstone is man made. Some speculate it was discovered by accident when alchemists were trying to create man made gold. Goldstone is created of brown glass with copper oxide added. It is heated...
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