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Defining Excellence Then and Now

We lead our industry with simply the best products and services. We celebrate
our innovative ideas and proudly inspire creativity with our passion to educate.
We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers and are
grateful for their continued loyalty.

In the following videos, learn more about how Soft Flex Beading Wire was invented
by Co-Owners Mike Sherman and Scott Clark. Also, learn about what makes
our beading wire different from others on the market today.


Meet our dedicated staff who define excellence, respect, teamwork,
enthusiasm, courtesy and communication.

Owners & Staff

scott-mike1-180x180.jpg Scott Clark & Mike Sherman
sara-180x180.jpg Sara Oehler
Sales and Marketing Manager
"Ask Sara" Specialist
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joyce-180x180.jpg Joyce Trowbridge
Procurement Specialist
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shelleyr-180x180.jpg Shelley Richey
Customer Care Representative
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Teri Thomas
Customer Care Representative
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rosac-180x180.jpg Rosa Cervantes
Customer Care Representative
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angela-180x180.jpg Angela Colin
Warehouse Manager
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montsesalazar2-180x180.jpg Montse Salazar
Packaging Specialist
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adriana-180x180.jpg Adriana Yañez
Warehouse Staff
kristen-180x180.jpg Kristen Fagan
Graphic Designer
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damien-180x180.jpg Damien Shay
Graphic Designer
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thomas-180x180.jpg Thomas Soles
Marketing Assistant
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