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Fine Step Jaw Pliers

Size: total length - 5.75in Size: length from joint to tip 3.2cm   Fine Step Jaw Pliers are an outstanding tool to accompany your WigJig Wire Jig Board. The steps on these pliers match the peg sizes from various WigJigs. The smallest step is perfect...
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WigJig Delphi Acrylic Wire Jig

You are going to love the WigJig Delphi! The transparent Delphi has smaller pegs and closer holes than other WigJig wire jigs.  Accordingly, designs made on the Delphi are smaller and more delicate. Smaller earring components can be made on the...
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WigJig Large Super Pegs For Delphi Jig

Larger loops with a consistent size. If you are designing professionally - or just want symmetry in your work, this premium set makes it easy! These Large Round Super Pegs expand your wire designing possibilities when using transparent WigJigs. There is...
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