WigJig Olympus Lite Acrylic Wire Jig

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You are going to love the WigJig Olympus Lite!

The Olympus Lite is a great all purpose jig board. The Olympus Lite is the ideal jig board for larger designs. If you are creating interlocking bracelet components or necklace pieces, this jig board is super handy! The pegs are slightly larger and spaced further apart than the smaller Delphi jig board. This means your designs will have larger loops and allow for bigger patterns. You can reference any pattern for the Delphi and replicate it with your Olympus Lite, it will just make your pattern larger.

The transparent Olympus Lite is the perfect jig for beginning wire designers. Just place the transparent jig on a pattern, trace with the pegs, and wrap the wire to form the design. It's simple to design with wire instantly to make jewelry, home decor, and paper arts projects. Includes jig with 238 holes and 10 metal pegs. Buy Super Pegs to enhance your collection (sold separately).  WigJig Olympus Lite is 3" x 3".