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Bead Stoppers - 4 Pack (Price Varies)

$4.25 - $6.25
Size of Mini Coil: 7mm-W x 6mm-H x 6mm-DSize of Regular Coil: 12mm-W x 10mm-H x 10mm-D Both the Mini and Regular Bead Stoppers come 4 to a pack.  Bead Stoppers are one of our favorite...
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Knitting Spool

A timeless tradition that many will recall learning as a child has returned. The knitting spool you may have used with yarn or thread as a youngster has been reimagined for wire weaving. Try knitting...
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Lazee Daizee Draw Plate

You are going to love the Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Tool! This draw plate will ensure all of your Lazee Daizee creations have a stunning and uniform finish. You can use 24, 26, or 28 gauge Craft...
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