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Apx 22 Count Green Garnet Smooth Pebbles (Sale)

$13.60 On Sale
Size: Large 6mm-L x 11mm-W x 5mm-D Size: Small 4mm-L x 6mm-W x 5mm-D Qty: 22 Beads / Length: 4 in. Weight: 6 g.   Garnet takes it's name from the Latin word for grain. This may be a reference to the aril, or seed, of a pomegranate. Garnets have a...
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52 Count Kunzite (A) Simple Cut Pebbles (Sale)

$239.20 On Sale
Size: Small 6mm-L x 6mm-W x 5mm-DSize: Large 12mm-L x 8mm-W x 6mm-DQty: 52 Pebbles / Length: 16 in.Weight: 26 g.   Kunzite is named for minerologist, G.F. Kunz. Kunzite has a lovely pastel tone that ranges from soft pinks and lilacs to yellows. It...
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