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Face Mask Lanyard Mini Kit

Face mask lanyards are the newest fashion accessory. Masks aid in reducing the transmission of the virus. If we have to wear a mask, let's embrace it and add our personal touch with a beaded face mask lanyard! A beaded lanyard will conveniently hold...
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Hocus Pocus Design Kit

The Hocus Pocus Design Kit is a roiling cauldron of bewitching colors. The midnight blue sky outside holds no mystery. Your coven is powerful and is privvy to the secrets of things hidden. Black cats nuzzle your feet as you stir your cauldron. The...
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Kids Beading Activity Kit

  A beading activity kit is a great way to share your passion and keep little ones busy during this time of social distancing and isolation. Children crave fun and educational opportunities to grow and blossom. Use this beading activity kit to...
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