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Quick View Brilliant Polishing Cloth

Brilliant Polishing Cloth

Qty: 1 polishing cloth   Reinvigorate a dull silver finding. Renew that copper spacer bead. Bring the bedazzle back to chrome. Brilliant Polishing Cloths are a safe and easy way to restore the shine to your jewelry. Return the luster to your...
Quick View 1 Oz Special T Illusion Glue

1 Oz Special T Illusion Glue

Size: 1 oz Special T Glue is a gap filling glue. It is designed to fill any gaps inside a knot - this makes the knot secure and less likely to come undone. In the case of knotted jewelry, it is extra assurance that your design is not going to fall apart...
Quick View Bead Tip Hypo Glue

Bead Tip Hypo Glue

Size: 1/3 oz GS Hypo Cement is a wonderful all purpose glue. It was invented in the 1930's for jewelry and watchmaking professionals. It is perfect for all sorts of surfaces and beading materials: glass, plastic, metal, wood - any more. The cement sets...
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