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Quick View Diamond Glaze 2oz

Diamond Glaze 2oz

Diamond Glaze is an adhesive that dries to a finish that is like clear glass. The adhesive bonds to many mediums - glass, glitter, beads, and more. Perfect for sealing a keepsake in a metal pendant! Diamond Glaze can be mixed with inks, watercolors, and...
Quick View Brilliant Polishing Cloth

Brilliant Polishing Cloth

Qty: 1 polishing cloth   Reinvigorate a dull silver finding. Renew that copper spacer bead. Bring the bedazzle back to chrome. Brilliant Polishing Cloths are a safe and easy way to restore the shine to your jewelry. Return the luster to your...
Quick View 1 Oz Special T Illusion Glue

1 Oz Special T Illusion Glue

Size: 1 oz Special T Glue is a gap filling glue. It is designed to fill any gaps inside a knot - this makes the knot secure and less likely to come undone. In the case of knotted jewelry, it is extra assurance that your design is not going to fall apart...
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Quick View Bead Tip Hypo Glue

Bead Tip Hypo Glue

Size: 1/3 oz GS Hypo Cement is a wonderful all purpose glue. It was invented in the 1930's for jewelry and watchmaking professionals. It is perfect for all sorts of surfaces and beading materials: glass, plastic, metal, wood - any more. The cement sets...
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