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2 Oz Jar Tool Magic

Size: 2 oz Qty: 100 applications per jar Does not damage tools Does not leave residue Non-permanent and easily removable Tool Magic is a must for designers that work with craft wire. It covers the hard surface of wire working tools with a soft and smooth...
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4.75 Inch Round Nose Pliers

$6.36 On Sale
Size: total length - 4.75inSize: length from joint to tip - 1.5in   These Round Nose Pliers are affordable and comfortable. Round nose pliers are great for bending, creating loops and shaping wire. They are a must for all wire workers. These pliers...
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Fine Step Jaw Pliers

$9.07 On Sale
Size: total length - 5.75in Size: length from joint to tip 3.2cm   Fine Step Jaw Pliers are an outstanding tool to accompany your WigJig Wire Jig Board. The steps on these pliers match the peg sizes from various WigJigs. The smallest step is perfect...
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