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As of April 1st, 2010 strung designs created for HSN are strung on Soft Flex® Beading Wire!
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We surveyed our purchasing customers and asked "If you could use one word to describe
Soft Flex Company to a fellow beader, what word would you use?"
Here is a wordle showing their answers. Most popular answers are largest.


Customers top rated products and services
A snapshot of our best according to you!
You've told us what you love and we are letting everyone in on your top picks for beading.

testimonial-sfw.jpg "I have personally been using
your beading wire for 
my own
projects since early 2001, and
I can say 
without a doubt that
Soft Flex® beading wire is far
superior to all new comers!"
~ Charlie, Heaven on Earth
“I have been in search of the
material like Soft Touch™ wire.
I found one which may be
equivalent to the 
Soft Touch™
wire .014, but it is not as soft
flexible as your product.
Thank you.”

~ Sandy
 testimonial-exw.jpg “Several other companies have
tried to sell me their 
brand of
sterling silver beading wire but
I told them 
no, I'd wait. They
really don't hold a candle to
Soft Flex® Company.”
~ Pippit
“I was hesitant to place an
order for the razor flush 
at the price they were but I
figured I needed 
the best and
believe me ... they were well
worth the 
cost! Gosh ... what a
difference! Anyway just wanted

to pat you guys on the back for
selling a fabulous 
product for us
to use. Happy beading!”

~ Ann
 testimonial-metw.jpg “Soft Flex is the only beading wire
that I would ever use. I have used
the metallics wire and am very
pleased with everything that I have
purchased from your company.”

~ Janet, J&J's Mostly Vintage Beads
“Your wire is the BEST! It is strong,
flexible and 
easy to work with. Your
crimps are wonderful. Each 
and every
one of my crimps is turning out perfect!

I am convinced that this is the best out
there and 
I will use it exclusively.”
~ Vera
 testimonial-beads.jpg “My order arrived today and I love
all the beads and 
gemstone beads
I picked. You all have done a great
job of representing beads on the
website – everything 
looked like I
expected it to. Thanks!”

~ Rona
“WOW! You win the prize for the
best customer service! 
I wish
everyone I dealt with online were
as cordial 
and accommodating as
you are. I am a very satisfied.”

~ Ann Marie


Here are some of the wonderful things our customers have to say about our products and services.
Thank you for your support and praise. It is very much appreciated!

“I just found your site not too long ago. I've tried and tried to resist...but keep coming back....maybe change my “one word” answer to “irresistible”!!. I really like the ideas and selection (different than the run of the mill stuff). Thank you for caring! ” - Happy Customer on Survey

“I love your product and hand knot all my designs. Soft touch is the only product which will let me knot with ease and not kill my hands.” - Quincie

“Hi Sara, We spoke at the Philadelphia Bead Fest when you gave a crimping demonstration and helped me with purchasing the correct wire and crimp beads. That bit of information was invaluable to me - truly the most important thing I took away from Bead Fest. I'm new at beading (started the beginning of June) and realize there's a real learning curve. P.S. I will use NO OTHER wire or crimps but yours. They're GREAT!” - Nadeen

“Not only does the Soft Flex Company have superior beading wire products, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted by the friendly efficiency of their staff (Shelley R), their flat shipping rate and ability to quickly turn around an order.” - Lisa

"I want to thank you again for letting me come to the gallery. It was truly overwhelming and beautiful. I made some awesome jewelry with what I purchased. Gosh, thanks so much for letting us see the entire beautiful inventory! It’s addicting." - Phyllis

"I just got my order from Soft Flex; I was so excited as I opened it. The stones are great; I can hardly wait for Mike to wire them." - Phyllis / Jilani Beads

"I have personally been using your beading wire for my own projects since early 2001, and I can say without a doubt that Soft Flex beading wire is far superior to all new comers!" - Charlie Thomas / Heaven on Earth

"I'm on your e-mail list so I've been to the old site. I have to tell you what an improvement the new site is. It's so much nicer visually, the products are easier to find and I think you get a much better view so you have a better feeling about what you're ordering. Nice job!" - Cindy

"Soft Flex is the only beading wire that I would ever use. I have used the metallics wire and am very pleased with everything that I have purchased from your company. I grew up with the knowledge that one gets what they pay for and Grandma always taught me that it was better to have a little of the best instead of a lot of a mediocre product. She has proven it right for years now and I do love Soft Flex. I have not even had the inclination of using another beading wire even if I could get it at a cheaper price. It would only ruin my finished article. Thank you again." - Janet E Marsh / J & J's Mostly Vintage Beads

"I just wanted to say that I just received my sample of Soft Flex wires and I'm so excited about this product. I've tried using wires for different products but have always had some difficulty with bends and kinking. This wire is awesome. I don't know what to make first, something for me or something for someone else. Thanks for a great product and I will be back to the website. It's very informative and I enjoy the projects that you have. Thank you." - Rhonda Elmore-Trotter

"I can't wait until I can buy your company's gold wire. The Soft Flex products are the best and I won't settle for anyone else's." - Sincerely, Sharon

"Now that is what I call excellent customer service! I will not only continue to purchase from Soft Flex Company, but will recommend it to others! Thanks so much!" - Laura Sweet

"Hi there! Thank you very much for the samples, I just received them the other day! They are VERY nice! I can definitely see why the reviews I had read were much in your favor as opposed to Beadalon, the texture and flexibility is great! I'm definitely switching!" - Terr

"Several other companies have tried to sell me their brand of (Sterling Silver) beading wire but I told them no, I'd wait. They really don't hold candle to Soft Flex Company." - Pippit

"I love your product and have been using it for the last seven years. There really is nothing like it out there." - Kimberlee

"I just received my first order from Soft Flex Company and I am delighted with your products and service. I signed up as a wholesale buyer last week and spoke with Lisa regarding questions about my first order, and I want to thank her for being so helpful." - Andrea / ReJewelvinations by Andrea M.

"Thank you for your quick response to my first email. I am happy to say the package arrived yesterday (Saturday). Customs here handed it straight over to New Zealand Post without any hassles and they delivered it to me. I'm really pleased with the goods I have purchased. Soft Flex is definitely the best brand we can get here. You will see more orders from me in the future. Cheers and thanks again!" - Gillian

"Thank you so much Lisa! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy doing business with you all. Fabulous products and people" - Pamela

"Just wanted to let you know that I have had a few days to use my new Razor Flush Cutter that I ordered. I was hesitant to place an order for them at the price they were but I figured I needed the best and believe me... they were well worth the cost! Gosh .. what a difference! Anyway just wanted to pat you guys on the back for selling a fabulous product for us to use. Thanks again & happy beading!" - Ann

"Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your website. Very informative and easy to navigate." - Ann

"My order arrived today and I love all the beads I picked. You all have done a great job of representing the beads on the website – everything looked like I expected it to. Thanks!" - Rona

"WOW, Lisa! I have a new favorite supplier of wire! I cannot believe how much helpful information you shared with me - this all makes perfect sense. Your customer service is far beyond my wildest expectations. As a wise man once said, "Excellent customer service is the ability to surprise and delight your customer". I'd say you've fit the bill. Thanks a million!" - Theresa

"You guys were wonderful! I think Thomas helped me, and he was so nice. I was on and off my cell phone, asking a zillion questions, and he was very patient. I have not yet used the new Extreme Soft Flex Wire, but I think it is going to be a huge hit. I LOVE your product, always recommend it when asked about what to use when stringing. Thanks for the great service!" - Rhona

"Very nice to hear you appreciate your Customers, I don't hear that too often from suppliers. Thanks so much for being so helpful and nice." - Christy

"WOW - thank you, I am so incredibly impressed with your company. If your product is half as good as your customer service, I will never deal with anyone else." - Sue

"WOW! You wind the prize for the best customer service! I wish everyone I dealt with online were as cordial and accommodating as you are. I am a very satisfied." - Ann Marie

"Thank you very much for the samples you have sent to me. I have been in search of the material like Soft Touch Wire. I have one (Japan made) which may be equivalent to the sample Soft Touch Wire .014, but it is not as soft and flexible as your product. Thank you." - Sandy

"Not only do y'all make the greatest stringing medium but, you must be about the best in customer service also." - Joyce

"Just wanted to tell you how great your staff is. Whenever I place an order or just call with questions I talk to someone who's helpful, friendly and smart. Even when I placed my first few orders and had no clue what I was doing I was treated with a good deal of patience. So thanks." - Eddie

"I really agree with your view that a piece is only as good as its parts!! As a painter and photographer, I use only the best. It may seem costly at first but even if I only sell two pieces I get that money back. I've been making jewelry since '96 and have made probably 250+ necklaces. I can count on one hand the number that have fallen apart and it was mainly from lack of knowledge re crimps. I only use Soft Flex Wire and when I can afford the 1000 ft roll I'll buy one." - Anne, Washington, D.C. / Jewelry Artist

"I personally have used at least 5 different brands of beading wire myself and have found when the smoke has cleared that there are differences in the various brands and that none of them have the quality nor the reliability of Soft Flex or Soft Touch Wire. - Jelcy, Rowlett, Texas / Jewelry Artist

"Sara, First of all, I have to tell you how touched I was with your response. I had hoped for some help but never expected the detail and attention you've given me. Thank you so much. I've printed the diagram and will purchase the tools you've described. Take care and I'll be sure to reach out to you again." - Sincerely, Sandra / Beginner Jewelry Artist

"The members of our guild are very familiar with your products, since I use it in all of my designs. You have a wonderful product line that lends itself well to use in jewelry making, egging, sculpting and miniature work. This wire is so multi functional. The wire not only makes a lovely accent but it is functional as well." - Maria Del Pinto / President, Orange County Polymer Clay Guild

"Here's my .02 about breakage...I've made several bracelets with Soft Touch and crimps from Soft Flex Co. The bracelets are worn all the time by my toddler (how much better of a test on strength and breakage could you get!) I have never had one break yet! I don't file or ream any of the beads. I have made them with crystals, bali spacers, pearls, sterling rounds, and glass beads. I even have charms dangling off the ends where the crimps are. And I use lobster clasps. I think sometimes people expect our "custom made" jewelry to be indestructible. And, I don't have any problems with kinks. I am very impressed with this product. It passes my "kid test" of approval and durability. I am confident that my jewelry is of the highest quality using Soft Flex products!" - Lori / Jewelry Designer

"I just finished making some bracelets and was reminded (Eureka!) to email you and tell you how fabulous the new cutters are. I bought them at Best Bead in Tucson and they are fantastic. Such a clean cut and easy to use. I'm sure you're had other testimonials but I wanted to add my two cents." - Devon / HOPE Bracelet Project Volunteer

"Sara, Thanks for the reply. I did finally get some input from some fellow jewelry designers, one of whom suggested using Soft Touch Wire. She said she loves it and it is the best that money can buy. I decided to try it. I found that I was previously using to thin of a wire, so therefore my 2mm crimps were not holding such a thin wire. I just received my Soft Flex Soft Touch Wire as well as your 2mm crimps. I have finally solved the problem! Your wire is the BEST! It is strong, flexible and easy to work with. Your crimps are wonderful. Each and every one of my crimps is turning out perfect! I am using your Bead Crimping pliers also. I will tell you right now that I will never use any other product! I am convinced that this is the best out there and I will use it exclusively. I believe in using the best product available. If my jewelry is going to have my name on it, I want it to be of the finest quality." - Vera / Jewelry Designer


Here is what our fellow vendors have to say about Soft Flex®

"Soft Flex Wire is the only wire that I ever use!" - Patti Walton / Patti Walton Designs

"If you want premium results with your designs - use a premium beading wire." - Tonnette Pillitteri / Bead Babe

"Beats the #*/? out of the competition!" - Lewis Wilson / Crystal Myths

"I tell everybody that I only use Soft Flex Wire and Soft Touch Wire I wouldn't think of using anything else in my designs." - Nancy Pilgrim / Fantasy Beads

"Hi, Just a note to tell you how happy I am that your Extreme 925 and 24K Gold Flex wire will be on the market again soon. I've been keeping my fingers crossed that your company would be able to rebuild and begin production again - because in my opinion, there simply isn't any other stringing material on the market that even comes close to Soft Flex in ease of handling and just plain high quality - and the silver and gold wires are absolutely top-of-the line! It’s been a long wait for jewellery designers like me, making do with what I could get (no comparison to Gold Flex and Extreme 925, believe me) and saving my best designs for when I could get the good stuff again! I'm sure that it's been a long, rough haul on your end - so congratulations, folks, for hanging in there. You'll soon make a lot of beaders very happy!” - Susan from Canada / Susannah Designs

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