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Czech Glass Table Cut Diamond Oval Beads

Size: 9x7mm Qty: Approximately 23 Beads Length: 8 in. These stunning table cut Czech Glass beads are perfect for easy elegance. These marvelous beads look expensive but are easy on the wallet. Enhance your jewelry making with these mystical...
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Purple Polka Dot Bead Strand

The Purple Polka Dot Bead Strand is the perfect complement to our Purple Polka Dot Design Kit. Purple polka dots are amazing. They are explosively creative and simple. They trigger our imaginations and spark deep inspiration. They are a call back to our...
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Violet Cubic Zirconia Faceted Long Pear

$14.40 On Sale
Size: 13mm-L x 13mm-W x 8mm-D Qty: 1 Bead Weight: 3.7 g.   Cubic Zirconia (known commonly as CZ) is a hard, optically flawless, diamond simulation. While it is extremely rare in nature, it is widely synthesized for use as an artificial diamond. In...
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Sugilite Polished Barrel

$119.20 On Sale
Size: 22mm-L x 22mm-W x 15mm-DQty: 1 BeadWeight: 21 g.   Sugilite takes its name from a Japanese petrologist whose name was Ken-ichi Sugi. Sugi introduced the stone in 1944. Sugilite is an infant in the gem world but it is becoming a very popular...
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