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Violet Cubic Zirconia Faceted Long Pear

$14.40 On Sale
Size: 13mm-L x 13mm-W x 8mm-D Qty: 1 Bead Weight: 3.7 g.   Cubic Zirconia (known commonly as CZ) is a hard, optically flawless, diamond simulation. While it is extremely rare in nature, it is widely synthesized for use as an artificial diamond. In...
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Sugilite Polished Barrel

$119.20 On Sale
Size: 22mm-L x 22mm-W x 15mm-DQty: 1 BeadWeight: 21 g.   Sugilite takes its name from a Japanese petrologist whose name was Ken-ichi Sugi. Sugi introduced the stone in 1944. Sugilite is an infant in the gem world but it is becoming a very popular...
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Light Amethyst Stalactite - Soft Flex Company

$181.60 On Sale
Size: 50mm-L x 35mm-W x 5mm-DQty: 1 SliceWeight: 16 g.   Amethyst is the February/Aquarius birthstone. It is known for spiritual upliftment and helpful in communicating effectively. In ancient times, Amethyst was thought to have numerous mystical...
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