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Hi-Tech Steel Memory Wire Heavy Duty Cutter

Size: 3.5in. handle, 1/4in. head/ cutting surface Making jewelry is easy with Memory Wire. Memory Wire is a hard steel wire. The steel is so hard, in fact, that it will eat your regular cutters up. Spare your flush cutters and bead nippers and use...
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Bead Nipper

Size: length from joint to tip - 13.5mm These Bead Nippers are wonderful for a beginner. These are cost effective for someone who does not do a lot of cutting. These are not intended to be used for anything but cord and soft wire.  This tool is...
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Italian Ultra Flush Cutter

Size: length from joint to tip - 12.5mm These Italian Flush Cutters are a high quality tool for the professional jewelry designer. You can cut any diameter of Soft Flex© and Soft Touch™ and most gauges of Soft Flex© Craft Wire. This tool...
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