Lightweight Flush Cutters

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Size: length from joint to tip - 12.5mm

Size: handle length - 4in

These lightweight Italian Flush Cutters are a quality tool for a beginner jewelry making or professional jewelry designing. You can cut any diameter of Soft Flex© and Soft Touch™ and all gauges of Soft Flex© Craft Wire.

This tool is manufactured in Italy. These cutters are constructed of a high grade tool steel with a blackened non-glare head. High friction ergonomic grips make work easy on the hands. Italian Flush Cutters have a lap-joint, and a smooth spring return.

Note: These cutters are designed for use on beading wire and soft metals, such as sterling silver or copper. Hard wire, such as Memory Wire, will harm the blades of the cutter. Euro Tool, the manufacturer, recommends a maximum cut of 16 gauge 1.5 millimeter copper wire.

Note: The manufacturing process of the grips on this tool can sometimes leave the cutters with a faint odor. Simply leave the cutters out and exposed to air and the slight smell will disband.