Hi-Tech Steel Memory Wire Heavy Duty Cutter


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Size: 3.5in. handle, 1/4in. head/ cutting surface

Making jewelry is easy with Memory Wire.

Memory Wire is a hard steel wire. The steel is so hard, in fact, that it will eat your regular cutters up. Spare your flush cutters and bead nippers and use the right tool for the job. Memory Wire Cutters will give you a quick and easy cut. Memory Wire Cutters will make short work of cutting the hard steel Memory Wire. Don't use cutters that are not equipped to handle the hard steel or Memory Wire will make short work of your regular cutters!

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Wonderful Tool
Written by AMBER HATFIELD on Sep 13th 2020

Why did I ever try to ever get by without these? DUH!!!! These are a MUST HAVE for memory wire! They cut memory wire like butter.