Shape Retaining Steel Memory Wire Ring for Making Beaded Jewelry - 3/4 Inch Size

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Size: 23 Gauge

Quantity: 75 coils

Making jewelry is easy with Memory Wire.

Memory Wire is a hard steel wire. Memory Wire comes packaged in coiled loops. The wire holds this shape. If you want to design a ring, simply cut the wire at the selected number of coils. Just remember, adding beads will make the design expand, three coils will look larger with beads added. Once you have added your beads, you can loop the end of the wire and add a dangle to finish. The finished design will slip on to your finger. So easy!

Note: Memory Wire is a very hard steel. Using flush cutters or bead nippers on Memory Wire will result in dulled or broken tools. Make sure you use the right tool for the right job. Make sure you use Memory Wire Cutters as they are specifically designed to cut through this wire.