1 Oz Special T Illusion Glue


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Size: 1 oz

Special T Glue is a gap filling glue. It is designed to fill any gaps inside a knot - this makes the knot secure and less likely to come undone. In the case of knotted jewelry, it is extra assurance that your design is not going to fall apart after prolonged wear. Special T Glue dries pliable rather than hard and crunchy. It takes around sixty seconds to dry and dries clear. Special T Glue is excellent for use with Illusion Cord, Stretch Magic, Soft Flex© and Soft Touch™.

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Special-T glue
Written by Melissa Doucette on Jun 16th 2023

The precision applicator tip is so helpful! I’ve used this on my knots made with beading wire tassel style earrings and it has held up great! I’ve also used it to glue beads to the top of my tassel style beaded wire earrings where I wanted a certain bead to fall! This glue is awesome ? !!!