WigJig Delphi Acrylic Wire Jig

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You are going to love the WigJig Delphi!

The Delphi is sweet and petite. This jig is the ideal smaller designs. If you are creating earrings or delicate components, this jig board is super handy! The pegs are slightly smaller and spaced closer together than the larger Olympus Lite jig board. This means your designs will have smaller loops and allow for daintier patterns. You can reference any pattern for the Olympus Lite and replicate it with your Delphi, it will just make your pattern more petite.

The transparent Delphi has smaller pegs and closer holes than the Olympus-Lite. Accordingly, designs made on the Delphi are smaller and more delicate. This is a great addition to the Olympus Lite jigs since it facilitates making matching sets of jewelry. For example, smaller earring components can be made on the Delphi to match larger necklace/bracelet links made on the Olympus Lite. It also works very well for paper arts designs. Includes jig with 181 holes and 20 metal pegs (1/16" diameter). Buy Super Pegs to enhance your collection (sold separately). The WigJig Delphi Jig is 3" x 3".