45 Count 11x4mm Natural Multicolor Elk Antler Polished Rondelles

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Size: 4mm-L x 11mm-W x 4mm-D

Qty: 45 Beads / Length: 9 in.

Weight: 23 g.

Elk Antler is one of the fastest growing living tissues. It can grow at a rate of two and a half centimeters per day. Like deer and moose, elk antler only grows on males. Elk Antler begins growing in spring and later becomes brittle and sheds in winter. The fallen antler is then consumed by other animals for it's calcium content. Elk Antler is covered and protected by a layer of soft skin called velvet. Velvet dries up and peels when the antler has reached it's maximum size.

Note: Our antler is harvested from the ground after it has been shed. No animals are harmed or killed to recover the antler.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 4-6