1.5 In X .010 Wire Dia Speeder Beader Needle (Closeout)


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Size: 1.5in length
Recommended for .010 diameter.


The Soft Flex© Speeder Beader makes threading Soft Flex© or Soft Touch™ beading wire fast and simple. Push Soft Flex© or Soft Touch™ beading wire into the pan at a 30-45 degree angle. The pan will guide the wire into the hollow part of the Speeder Beader. Beads slip over the Speeder Beader and onto your wire quickly and easily.

If you work with big, hollow beads, this tool is an invaluable asset. Since hollow beads have no channel, there is nothing to guide the wire out of the bead and the wire often curls inside. Soft Flex© Speeder Beaders will make stringing these beads quick and painless.

If you work with Stretch Magic or elastic it can be difficult to get that kind of cord through beads from time to time. The Speeder Beader that is designed to accommodate our heaviest wire, .024, also works wonderfully with .5mm and .7mm Stretch Magic. If you don't want to spend a lot of time trying to get a flexible cord through your beads, check out our Speeder Beaders with the white or clear caps.

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Beader needle
Written by Diane on Dec 26th 2022

Love these needles! Wish I found them sooner