33 Count Kyanite & Clear Topaz Ovals/Rondelles

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Size: Kyanite Ovals (12) 7mm-L x 5mm-W x 2mm-D
Size: Kyanite Ron. (14) 2mm-L x 5mm-W
Size: Topaz Ovals (7) 9mm-L x 7mm-W x 4mm-D
Qty: 33 Beads / Length: 6.50 in.
Weight: 6.5 g.


Multi Stone and Designs Made Easy strands are handpicked and designed in our gallery. They are a fabulous mix of gemstones and colors. They can be restrung as is or added to a collection. Multi Stone and Designs Made Easy are a wonderful complement to our Trios™ color wire sets.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 4-7 / 8

Kyanite and Clear Topaz - Kyanite (blue) represents the throat chakra, which is positioned at the base of the throat. It controls the throat, neck, arms and hands. Kyanite promotes verbal self expression, creativity and is excellent for meditation. Kyanite is a protection stone that dispels negative energy. Topaz (clear/ white) represents purity. Topaz aids in detoxification and regeneration and helps clear the chakras.

Note: Sizes are graduated. Largest size is shown.