Avoid Marring And Harming Your Wire


When working with wire, it is always a good idea to dress your tools to avoid marring the wire.

Here are some tips for how to best dress your tools when using our Soft Flex® Craft Wire:

  • Buff tool tips with 00 steel wool, then follow up with 000 steel wool
  • Dip tool tip in Tool Magic coating, dip just one tip to maintain a better grip 
  • Use a smooth tape like masking, cloth or painter's tape to cover tool tips 
  • Soften your grip
  • Use nylon jaw pliers. Due to the nylon jaws, the wire is less likely to be scratched or marred.
  • Practice really does make perfect. Try practicing with some plain bare copper wire. When you are to a point where you no longer nick your wire, move on to the many colors and gauges that we offer!